OSCO Chainoiler information

Lubricating the chain of your motorcycle is often a hard job, especially when your bike doesn’t have a centre stand. We, as experienced motorcyclists and owners of a motorcycle repair company, developed a simple but very effective lubricating system which is also friendly to our environment and very economical. Besides, you can easily mount the OSCO on almost any motorbike in about 20 to 30 minutes.

The OSCO needs little space and works semi-automatically, so it’s up to you to lubricate the chain whenever it’s necessary. It’s only a matter of seconds, no more than that.

How to lubricate?

  • ride your bike at a footpace speed
  • pull out the plunger
  • loosen the plunger
  • keep on riding your bike for about 50 – 100 metres at a footpace speed

In the meantime the OSCO will evenly distribute 2 cc of chain oil in 7 to 10 seconds on the chain. The result: The bike drives better and your ( expensive) chain set will last thousands of kilometres longer.

Lubricating takes place very safely. If you lubricate according to the instructions there is no chance of wasting oil, neither of contaminating the rear tyre. This means that the OSCO is not only very suitable for all touring, road, offroad and custom motorcycles, but it’s also very well suited for supersport motorbikes. The average lubricating interval is about 300 km (200 miles). Your riding style and weather conditions can reduce or increase the lubricating interval.

Your advantage: you can decide yourself when to grease the chain!

The oil tank has a capacity of 50 cc. With a correctly filled OSCO (80% of the filling capacity) you can lubricate the chain at least 20 times! If you lubricate your chain every 300 kilometers, you are guaranteed to get 6000 kilometres of riding pleasure before having to refill the OSCO again (refilling the OSCO takes only seconds). The OSCO is supplied with a 100 ml reservoir of specially composed chain oil, a mounting and user’s manual (see download button in the next section) , and a mounting kit. This kit enables you to mount the OSCO on almost every motorcycle in 20 to 30 minutes. (Watch the clip in the next section)

In practice greasing the chain with the OSCO is so successful and easy that we also developed a smaller version of the OSCO which can be used on bicycles, mountain bikes, mopeds and motorcycles up to 125 cc.


The OSCO is constructed so well, that you can also use, next to the original OSCO chain oil, a good quality gear oil (75W90) or a good quality motor oil (15W50). According to the many positive users’ reports of motorcyclists using these types of oils, your chain set will last many, many more miles! World travelers and other motorbikers who ride under extreme conditions are very pleased that they can use other types of oil in the OSCO chain oiler.

OSCO: the most cost-effective way to lubricate your chain!

Calculation example:

With a good quality gear oil of about € 20 per litre the OSCO keeps your chain in top condition for about 150,000 kilometres. That means not even € 0,04 per lubricating action.

Most economical – environmentally friendly – efficient – extremely durable – hassle free – easy to remount on your next bike