Lubrication in practice

While riding at a footpace speed just pull out the plunger of the OSCO, it will do its job in the next 7 to 10 seconds and will keep your chain in optimal condition for the next 300 kilometres (on average). During every lubricating action the OSCO equally delivers 2 cc oil on the chain. This means that with an 80% filling you can drive about 6000 kilometres.

Ideal for longer trips and travel holidays.

You can lubricate your chain anytime you want, provided that it’s possible to ride at a footpace speed for 50 to 100 metres.

The OSCO is suitable for different types of motor oils. In cooperation with a German laboratory we developed a special type of oil for the OSCO. This oil guarantees an optimal combination of lubrication, adhesive force and thickness, suitable for cold and warm conditions.

If the motorcyclist wants to use another type of oil, we advise to use a good quality gear oil (75W90) or a motor oil (15W50).

The housing of anodised aluminum and shockproof polycarbonate hides a fantastic peace of technique, which guarantees a high level of reliability, solidity and durability, regardless of the circumstances. For this reason we provide a warranty for 2 years, provided that the OSCO was used according to the instructions in the OSCO manual.