The OSCO and the environment

It’s a known fact that chain lubrication is so much easier if you have an OSCO fitted to your motorcycle. But did you know that this clever little device is also a big plus to the environment?

Spray can at hand, bike on the centre stand (if it has one), you on your knees, giving your best shot aiming the spray nozzle at the chain. Who is not familiar with it? A necessary and time consuming job, risking a dirty and greasy rear wheel and tyre.

With an OSCO all these problems belong to the past. Forever! Pull the plunger once, and you’re done. Not one drop gets wasted. But how does this help the environment?

With each lubrication, the OSCO directs a small quantity of oil (2 ml.) directly onto the chain, which is sufficient for 300 kilometres.* A 100 ml. bottle (2 OSCO fills) enables fifty lubrications, allowing for 15,000 kilometres* of riding with a perfectly lubricated chain. Extremely economical and … the OSCO oil is 100 percent biodegradable!

The OSCO saves the environment by:

  • Efficient use of oil (small doses, only applied to the chain, not a drop gets wasted
  • Avoidance of wasteful and rather expensive, CO2 emitting spray cans
  • Use of 100 percent biodegradable oil

If you love your chain, your wallet and the environment, you will love the OSCO chain oiler.

* Depending on riding style and weather conditions