About TUV Conceptdevelopment

With over 20 years in the motorcycle repair business, we have been able to put our experience to good use to develop an efficient hassle-free motorcycle chain oiler system ourselves. The OSCO is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to use! No more polluting spray cans! A well lubricated chain is of vital importance to the life span of the chain set and essential to your riding pleasure.

In the meantime the OSCO (which means One Second Chain Oiler) has become an astounding success in and far outside the Netherlands. The Dutch AA Road Assistance uses the OSCO products on all its chain driven motorbikes. And for well-known world travelers like Sjaak Lucassen and Walter Colebatch the OSCO has also been an essential accessory on their motorcycles for years.

For hobby motorcyclists and for those who want to use their bikes for longer trips the OSCO is an indispensable luxury. No more kneeling to grease the chain and no more greasy rear tyre. Simply ride at a footpace speed, pull the plunger, and the chain will be in top notch condition for hundreds of kilometres/miles!

The OSCO is also a big help for motorcycles without a centre stand. The OSCO is made from durable materials like stainless steel and anodised aluminum. As a result this means that the OSCO will last a motorcycle live under normal use!

Therefore, we give a 2 year warranty on our chain lubrication system. The warranty doesn’t apply to loose parts like: the oil distributor, fastening saddles, mounting plate, and the tube.