Testimonials about OSCO

Below you will find some comments that we regularly hear. However, if you would like to learn more about the OSCO and its operation by users and interested parties, please see the links to the forums at the end of this page. The list is of course not exhaustive. So do a Google search for forums, osco, chainoiler, lubricate the chain, and so on. That is extensive and objective!

“The OSCO pleases me very much. No more kneeling to grease the chain manually, while my buddy holds my bike on the jiffy!”
(Eep Pol from Strada, the magazine of the Ducati Club Netherlands)

“Everyone spotting the OSCO on my bike wants to know what it’s for.”
(Jan Derks RS125 Aprilia)

“No more aerosols with me on motorbike holidays. I just fill up my OSCO before I leave and I’m ready for at least 6000 comfortable kilometres.”
(Jan Beijer, GSXR600K8)

“I often forgot to lubricate the chain before riding. That problem is over now. As soon as I notice that the chain needs to be lubricated, it’s just a question of riding at a footpace speed for about 50 metres. Now my chain is in top condition continually!”
(Joop Zandbergen with a Cagiva Elephant)

“I use my Honda CBR1000RR all season for commuter traffic. Thanks to the OSCO my pricy chain set has lasted more than 47,000 kilometres. Thank you OSCO Team. Stunning!!”
(Mark van den Bosch)

“Simple but incredibly effective! I tried some other systems but this is simply the best!”
(Coen Bakker with his Kawasaki ZR7)



World travelers:

Sjaak Lucassen
Walter Colebatch
Patrick en Joep Eichelsheim

Professional users:

ANWB (Dutch AA Roadside Assistance)
Driving school Ariesen, Veenendaal, Netherlands
Driving school Zebra, Veenendaal, Netherlands